Application supports

1. Plastics

The UV varnishes created by Altus Coating are suitable for various thermoplastics used in packaging. However, tests are generally required to assure that the specifications are correct.

2. Glass

Altus Coating also has a range of UV varnishes suitable for glass. Preliminary tests are necessary however due to the differences in surfaces and thermal processing.
Brushed effects, colours, metallic surfaces are all covered by our specialities.

3. Metals

There are various possible surface treatments depending on chemical or mechanical stresses. On aluminium, for example, a UV varnish can be screen-printed and embossed to produce a relief effect whilst guaranteeing that the varnish remains in place. A similar test can be carried out using a formula resistant to acids. The print will protect the covered metal surface from chemical attack.

4. Composites

Composite materials are based on glass or carbon fibre. The UV polymerisation surface treatments we would recommend are used to impregnate, improve chemical protection and mechanical resistance. They can also produce various surface effects – gloss, matt, colours, decorative.

5. Biodegradable materials

Biodegradable from corn, miscanthus and PLA (polylactide) require surface treatment, particularly primer coatings, for use in packaging or cards (bank card format), for multiple types of use, e.g.: loyalty cards, membership cards, etc.

These materials are formed from the transformation of vegetable matter with injection moulded surfaces, and often have surface imperfections which must be dealt with. With this in mind we offer a range of our own formulas, specially designed to smooth out these imperfections.


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