The practice of chemical testing in our fields requires constant monitoring for the safety of people and the environment. We are attentive to the evolution of the legislation, the regulatory changes based on vigilant regulatory monitoring.

Resonating with the objectives of our quality policy, we:
    • Develop products that are always in harmony with the safety of people and respect for the environment:
      – The selection of our raw materials meets the safety criteria
      – The waste from the production (packaging – cleaning, etc.) of the site, although minimal, is treated by an approved manufacturer
      – Consumption control and continuous improvement of environmental performance
      – The provision of high-performance personnel protection

      As of 2014 we have integrated an in-house safety engineer for the transport of hazardous materials (CIFMD).

Optimal control of safety and environmental aspects:

Personnel safety:
– Use of PPE
– Suction
– Training
– In-house safety data sheets

Property safety:
– Linked TV alarm site
– Extinguishing agents
– Protected computer network and outsourced backup


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