Moisture is UV varnish’s worst enemy

Did you know?

– A tin is never filled up to the top and contains between 10 to 15% of air
– The air around us contains between 0.1 to 5% of water vapor
– A sudden change in temperature causes the water vapor to condense when the dew point is reached

  • This phenomenon can occur in storage containers

– Even at trace levels water can cause wetting problems when applying varnish
– Water is miscible with most varnish solvents

  • Traces of moisture cannot be detected when the tin is opened

What does Altus Coating do to prevent moisture risks?

– All solvents are checked on arrival
– All solvents are dried before being used
– All tins are air-tight
– The finished products are stored under controlled conditions:
Dedicated and closed storage rooms
Pallet storage
Ventilated storage rooms

What are the conditions to be avoided for storage?

– Temperature changes
– Conditions which encourage moisture accumulation
– Never store outside
– Store in a closed, ventilated room
– Do not store on the floor (cold floor phenomenon))
– Wipe tins before use: dust, traces of moisture, etc.
– Once it is open, finish rapidly since it will no longer be air-tight

Our technical team can help you adapt your storage conditions for our products, in compliance with applicable regulations. Your request as well as our help will be treated with the utmost confidentiality.

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