The constant fact that there is no single ‘one-size-fits-all’ solution has led us to invest in a great deal of applied research. This research is aimed to offer a technical solution that matches the request of the client on two different levels :

  • Product and its specifications
  • Industrial application and adjustment of the industrial tool

  • This method is heavily dependant on our expertise, a bibliographic knowledge of materials, the relationships developed over time with our suppliers, a sustained quality approach to laboratory methods and interventions involving our production tools.

    Our technical R&D (doctorate) team steers and directs our work, aiming towards providing applied research for timely and pertinent results.

    The applicability of a given formula to its industrial application is a top priority, requiring our intervention from the earliest stages of a client’s request.

    UV drying and application technologies, both for flat pieces and 3D applications, are an integral part of optimising our results.

    To provide the perfect result, the ultra-violet drying techniques used (sources: arc lamp or microwaves) require fine adjustments to the needs of individual formulas.

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