Our quality approach

Understanding and adjusting to the customer’s request by providing a solution in line with their industrial production system and implementing our creative skills by relying on our R&D department to meet the technical and qualitative specifications.

Supporting and regulating our proposal (product) of the industrial tool and training the operators, if necessary.

Taking environmental constraints into account in order to comply with regulations and the safety of personnel. Our staff is trained to manage the studies and production, and are dynamic in customer service, with the aim of strengthening our communication.

Product quality control
Receiving Raw Materials

The raw materials are received, identified, codified, and stored using a documentary inspection. Physical chemistry analyses will be carried out according to the procedures established by the quality department.

Quality control

In our laboratory, we carry out the physical chemistry inspections required by the client’s specifications. Each finished product is subjected to rigorous quality checks before packaging. Testing its function completes the acceptance phase of conditioning.

Traceability from supplier to customer

Each finished product is followed methodically using lot number identification. The raw materials used in the formula are shown on each lot. An output check of each batch is executed according to the specification assigned to it. Procedures are used both upstream and downstream for tracking incoming and outgoing materials.
A technical management of each client project according to their specifications is followed in order to respect and apply qualitative criteria. Each customer is unique and we always place ourselves in a process for fulfilling and respecting commitments.

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