Presentation of the company

ALTUS COATING is a successful, fast growing company specialising in the creation of high-tech varnishes for use on a wide range of materials: plastics, metals, glass, biodegradable plastics, composites, fine woods.

ALTUS COATING develops taylor-made formulations to meet specific requirements where high performance results are primordial. The company’s expertise means it is able to combine high-tech products with decorative finishes.

ALTUS COATING specialises in the chemistry of cross-linked polymers using ULTRA-VIOLET technology. The advantage of this technique is that varnishes with up to 100% dry content can be worked, thus reducing VOCs, increasing productivity and reducing energy consumption.

Our Research and Development laboratory is capable of studying specifications and offering unique creations, which are then manufactured and tested to meet the technical criteria drawn up jointly with our clients.

Our production unit can supply high quality recipes to meet the final specifications, constantly being refined during the process. Each individual product reference is accompanied by a Materials Safety Data Sheet (MSDS), authorised by a specialised, independent organisation, as per the requirements of European REACH regulations.

Our technical team is there to help you with the use, application and integration of our products into your industrial processes, providing vital technical support, essential to the success of your project.

Your requests and our interventions are of course strictly confidential. This is a vital commitment to guaranteeing the mutual confidence we must have in one another.





Technical Chief Executive Officer


R&D Manager


QHSE Manager

Philippe DOREY

Business Development


Commercial and Administrative Department

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