A passion

The alchemy of the polymer and the material…
or knowledge by experimentation

Issued from a long practice of polymer chemistry, Altus Coating, independent company, formulates and produces each varnish on demand.

Altus Coating uses a wide range of UV polymers associated with innovative materials. Each luxury packaging or innovative product is dressed up by a unique coating formulated in Altus Coating’s laboratory. Each customer is unique and each research and development remains confidential.

Specific product range

Due to a long laboratory experience in formulation and whatever the customer industrial capacity,
Altus Coating is able to customize formulation to plastic, metal or glass.

Altus Coating’s varnishes are also formulated to reach specific decorative requirements like hot stamping, serigraphy and flexography…

Environment and human safety

UV varnishes with high dry content and low viscosity improve productivity, limit VOC in the environment and reduce the consumption of energy.

Materials Safety Data Sheets are delivered according to European legislation REACH by an independent approved organization.

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